Wednesday 8 February 2012

How school is during February

So, just last week I had the contract for re-contracting with JET before me on my desk. This is the 2nd time I'd seen this paper. In my first year it came a a surprise. You receive the paper in January and must submit it sometime in February. In my first year I felt like I had only just arrived, and I was being asked to decide on another year (with 6 months remaining on the current contract).

In my first year I felt I was only settling in, I don't even think I had done much teaching by February. I work at a high school, so as soon as you arrive you are in the middle of the summer holiday that lasts till the end of August. August on wards feels more like short periods of teaching among special school schedules and tests. Sports day, for example, takes almost a week of training followed by the sports day itself usually during the weekend. This is one thing I've learnt to love about the job, it always has a nice variety of special schedules during the year.

Anyway, recently my 3rd years have just had their final test, having been back for only a few weeks after their holiday. So that leaves only the 1st and 2nd years at the school. Soon, they too will do their test and start another holiday... mannn, it feels like they just got off one. I don't know if it is only me but the end of the year and the start-up of the new one always flys by.

Anyway, back to that contract stuff. This year I I choose against doing the 3rd year. I did this simply because it felt like time to move on. The first year was a simple and quick "yes", this year took some thought. It was a wrestle because I love this place, but I feel like it is time to move on in respect with the job.  However, in the end, it felt like the other plans found me instead of me searching them out (at least I hope so :)  Asking around the other JETs, it is almost half-half, some returning some staying. Anyway there is a vacancy in Nagasaki this August! You'll love it here!


  1. Hey! I am preparing to (hopefully) be contracted by Interac later this year.. Scanning through your blog has been really really great :) so thanks! (though I'm a bit late)

    1. Hey Stephanie! Glad it could be of some use to you. I hope you get a placement somewhere in Japan :D